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Dorset Holiday 2017

We all need a Holiday? Well, 2017 has been a busy year and so Sue, Wilf (That’s the Dog) and Me decided to take a well earned week break in the west country,  Dorset to be precise. Staying near to Durdle Door we were very well situated to explore the local Jurassic coastline. Staring at, yep you guessed it Durdle Door.


To be honest the walk from the village nearly killed me several times and although in the image below it does not look steep the first climb to Durdle Door was a killer, at least to me. Wilf and of course my better half found it a breeze, at least that what I was told :).

Still, the end result was worth it and I was able to capture an image that I had wanted to get for a long time so need to to stop complaining about the climb now. LOL


With a coastline of such interest, the rock cliffs could only be described as breathtaking and although as a youngster I had frequented this part of the country many times with my parents, some 40 years later it was like visiting an old friend for the very first time. You could not possibly be anything but overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.




The visit to the lighthouse was on one of the few days when there had been more sun than rain and although in many of the pictures it may look bright and sunny, believe me, more time was spent dodging the heavy showers of an Autumnal September in the UK

Wilf seemed to enjoy himself though 🙂 he too enjoyed the fantastic views from the waters edge




Corfe Castle stood proudly on the hill and on closer inspection it was much bigger than it first seemed to be.  With its steep sides, you could only imagine how grand this building once was, with a thriving community and what must have been huge state rooms entertaining the rich and noble. It seems such a shame that it was destroyed hundreds of years ago in the name of politics.

Great day out followed by a coffee and a walk around the very pretty village

Well, the holiday has ended and back to the real world. ;o)





Aimee Cox baby photo session number three

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Aimee Cox / Session 3

On Saturday the 26th August, I was privileged to have the gorgeous Aimee Cox in the studio for the third session of her watch me grow baby shoot package.

What a change, she was so smiley and happy and an absolute pleasure to photograph. That is not to say the little princess had not been in the past but what a difference three months make. She was now able to hold herself up, sit without support and pretty much smile on request make my task of photographing an even more pleasurable than previously.

Children grow so fast and a personal regret we have as a family is that we do not have photographs like these to look back on of our own children! as dad is a photographer there is no excuse lol. Memories are worth holding onto and in print are something that can be passed down to generation to come. Digital file formats may change but prints are here to stay, with printed images that are now able to hold their colour and quality for well over one hundred years as long as they are looked after and kept out of direct sunlight, in fact, Sun Light is the number one reason why our image fade! we have all seen those washed out colours on a lovely picture that is in a frame mounted on the wall in direct sunlight. With just a little common sense and forethought about their positioning, there is no doubt that the life and quality of our prints can be prolonged.

The next time we see little Aimee we will be knocking on the door of Christmas 🙂 who would not want a print, canvas or even an Acrylic of such a cutie hanging on their wall.

Remember, if you want to have some treasured memories to pass down future generations, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be only too pleased to help you.

As always, thank you for taking the time out to read our blog and if you have any request for future blog content, please get in touch through our website or Facebook page

We will, of course, be pleased to hear from you.

Best wishes






The wedding of Michael & Nicola Burke

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On Saturday 12th August 2017 this lovely couple Michael and Nicola were married.

The wedding took place at the View Hotel in Eastbourne . It was to be a very special day for many reasons. Firstly this wonderful couple deserved some happiness and are a perfect match. Secondly, our son Daniel was to be the Bestman so we were even more proud to have been involved and asked to photograph their special day.

It was a day full of laughter and happiness as often these events are, but with that extra special something that you just can’t put your finger on. The weather held out and again our record of dry weddings continues with would you believe only one wet December wedding since 2009! some record 🙂

It was a relatively small wedding with around 60 guests who joined in the spirit of the day adding to the overall magical moments that a wedding brings, times for tears and times of real belly laughter provided by our Son and fellow chosen ones 🙂 not to mention Matthew (Private Joke for the Groom LOL)

After the hustle and bustle of the day, it was great to get out on the promenade with Michael & Nicola,  a chance for them to reflect on the day and chill out. For me, it is one of the best time during a wedding day a time that I wish could last longer.

After a short while, it was back to the venue and a chance to have some fun with our trusty picture frame, a prop that always guarantees us lots of smiley  happy faces

The day finished for us after the First Dance, the end of another day having had the privilege to provide more treasured memories and a reason to do it all again 🙂


Congratulations Michael & Nicola and may your future continue to brings smiles to your faces despite life’s testing times.

Best wishes to all your family


Nigel & Sue




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Giving something back has always been something that I have wanted to do.  I have recently been considering a way that I can do this through my photography and have thought long and hard,  I have decided to look to partner with a charity,  either a local charity or National charity.  My initially search for a partner has included a post on Facebook looking for feedback from organisations that feel they would benefit from my time free of charge.

There is a charity/organisation that is certainly close to my heart and that is The Alzheimer’s Society primarily because my father was diagnosed nearly three years ago at the age of 89. 

Now at 91 my father’s short-term memory is very poor,  with some days being better than other as is the normal progression of this terrible disease. At this time I am not sure whether the Society will want my services,  but if I can offer my time to such a dedicated organisation then I would be extremely happy.  

However, If whilst reading this Blog you feel that you know of an organisation that is close to your heart and that you feel would benefit from assistance in its media section, then please contact me and I would, of course, be more than happy to consider them.

My email address is Nigel@nlcphotography.co.uk

I realise that this blog post is off subject but I do not make an apology for this as it is something that I feel the need to do.

If I am able to find a partner that I can work with I will update this Blog accordingly.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this all be it short post.

Best wishes













Local Photoshoot Location

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Favourite Local Photoshoot Locations

When looking for a potential location for a family or Engagement Photoshoot, it is often a good idea to choose somewhere that has a visually appealing background, somewhere that offers an opportunity to incorporate this into your images.

Lewes is an old historic county town, which fortunately offers a variety of locations, one of which is the old priory ruins

This site offers a variety of backdrops to enhance the interest factor of your images with a large number of ancient flint wall remains, from Lewes Priory which was founded by William de Warenne between 1078 and 1082. Steeped in history,  a worthwhile place to visit.

The Battle Of Lewes Memorial is located within the priory grounds and lends itself to great photo opportunities.

From children to adults

This particular photoshoot was with a fantastic couple, Manu, Helen and their two children prior to their wedding day,  a great opportunity to get to know each other, something we would always highly recommend.

The good news is that this is included in all of the wedding packages featured on our website at no additional cost.

The children were certainly up for some fun,  which of course is always a bonus.



The session was completed with a beautiful image of the family, one I hope that will be cherished for many years to come.

Of course, we are happy to discuss any suggestions that you may have for your location, so please do not hesitate to speak to us at any time.

I thought that it would be nice to end this blog post with an image taken on their subsequent wedding day.



I hope that you have found this short post interesting and informative.


Best wishes





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Please feel free to click on the compilation slideshow that we produced for the wedding of Garry & Jamini

The wedding has recently featured in our Blog following the welcomed information that Jamini Wright provided giving us an insight into their fabulous day.


The wedding venue was stunning and the owners could not do enough for their special guest. In fact, we have no hesitation when comes to recommending the Frensham Pond Hotel. A wedding venue that you would find hard to beat for quality of service, charm and atmosphere. A truly superb venue.


Why did I want to be a Photographer

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I guess looking back in my life photography has always be a passion for me. In the early days at school making my first pin hole camera, was probably the kick start to it all. My father now in his 90’s used to like his gadgets too and always seemed to have the latest camera. Back in the early 70’s Dixons used to offer a part exchange system on cameras, which meant Dad always had the latest model and when old enough to do so I certainly carried on the trend. Minolta, Yashica, Canon and Olympus being some of the brands that I have owned.

It was whilst on holiday in America that I  finally got the digital bug, buying my first model for what seemed to be a fortune back then and the quality,  well it was pretty poor to say the least.  Still I got the bug.

No longer was I tied to a print shop or having to send off my slide films to Kodak it was all so much easier. Having now purchased several different digital Camera I finally brought my first real Canon DSLR the EOS 300D  It was from that point on I was a true Canon man to the core. In the coming years I have worked my way through many of the models culminating in being the owner of one of the very first Canon 1 Dx DSLR cameras which was to be and still is the Canon DSLR Flagship Camera. Although sadly there is now a Mk2 (Something for the must have list)


After years of taking photographs many of my family and friends used to say that my images were so good why don’t I look to earn money from my photography ? At first way in I thing 2007 I was not sure and lacked self confidence in my abilities. To be honest many photographers will never feel that there images are good enough. I guess I fell into that category! Still I made the plunge. Oh and I still think that too !

I decided that if I was going to do this I would do it properly,  ensuring that I had insurance,  a business bank account and a dedicated accountant.

Initially my business was carried out along side my full time job as a Customer  Service Manager for a large Motor trader,  Caffyns in the South East.  Having dealt with the public it had been a great advantage when undertaking my additional chosen profession. I new from the start that Wedding Photography was going to be my area and that even as a part time photographer I was determined to offer the very same level of customer service to my clients as a full time photographer did.

In 2016 I left the security of my job with Caffyns and at the age of 55 went full time as a photographer. The first year has be tough due to a medical condition,  but that is now finally improving and I am looking forward now to the future.

In addition to Weddings I have started  doing Head Shots and I am hoping to expand on this to incorporate the many young actors in the area. I have also found a passion for photographing children too and although it can be quite stressful, it is also very rewarding.

In the last couple of months I have also produced a Pet photography business with its own dedicated website  NLCPHOTOGRAPHY FAMILYPETS.COM Please feel free to click the website link and have a look.

So although in this day and age every one who owns a camera thinks they can be a professional,  I am still enjoying the challenges that are thrown at me in this highly competitive market and look forward with a new found sense of optimism.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and I hope that you will visit again, if you have a topic/content that you would like to see please let me know.

May I also remind you that I have a Facebook page and welcome content from my followers.

Thank you for reading my blog











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When the deed has been carried out and the wedding proposal is official, the planning begins.

In 2016 on Thursday the 29th September NLC PHOTOGRAPHY had the absolute  privilege of undertaking the wedding of Garry & Jamini Wright. This was a wedding that we had be looking forward to do for so many reason. Firstly , the couple were truly fantastic people and had been an absolute pleasure to deal with from the very beginning.

Having had a background in the motor trade I first met Jamini via the telephone at the head office call centre of a major vehicle manufacturer  where she had been a first class customer service team member and although we conversed for several years over the phone I had never actually met Jamini in person. At the time I had been running my photography business alongside my full time job and Jamini had always said that when she married Garry, she would love for me to photograph their wedding.

As happens with many people Jamini left  her job for pastures new and I ultimately I left my previous profession to undertake my wedding photography business  full time.

Jamini was true to her word,  when one day I received contact from them asking If I wanted the job which of course I was more than happy to do.

The wedding itself would be a mixture of Indian and British culture which really appealed to me.




Jamini had always been a very well organised person and her wedding planning was no exception. I think that Garry would be the first to let Jamini take pretty much all of the organisational credit. The wedding was just so well organised from start to finish.

It is for this reason that I have asked Jamini to share her experience with everyone which she was really happy to do, no surprise there  🙂

I think that organisation is the key and everything then seems to slip into place,  removing so much stress from the actual day and from a selfish point of view my job as a photographer so much nicer.


Advice about wedding planning

I asked Jamii a series of questions and she has kindly responded :o)


  • When was your wedding day? Thursday 29th September 2016
  • What was your favorite detail of planning your wedding day?  – Ohhh this is a hard one, there were lots of favourites, the best was the instant attraction of the venue and Bollywood Vibes dancers, ohh and all of the flowers and my bouquet with Jennifer from Yours Truly Flowers   – Oh my gosh, I keep coming back to this question, arranging the invitations and all of the stationary with the best lady in the industry for this with Jan from Bespoke Wedding Favours
  • How did you pick your wedding colors? I didn’t want a white wedding dress due to the Indian/English fusion, I couldn’t find the right wedding dress, all I knew was that I didn’t want it white and it needed to be a mix of English bridal gown and Indian Bridal outfit. Then a friend of mine gave me her “extra” wedding dress that she never wore, this was red and gold, the perfect Indian traditional colours in an English style wedding gown, and the colours just came from that
  • How would you describe your wedding (i.e. Country, Rustic, Urban, etc.) English/Indian fusion, both of our cultures, family, friends and most favourite things coming together, completely unique but at the same time elegant 
  • Where did you find the most wedding inspiration that was helpful in planning your event? Definitely Facebook and Google searches. Wedding fairs too. 
  • What site helped you the most in planning your event? Facebook – “Wedding Find it, Buy it” and “My big fat Indian wedding”
  • What magazine helped you find inspiration the most? Asiana Wedding
  • Did you have an event planner? If yes, please give us a review so we can post this for other brides. Nope – all DIY
  • Who was your…
    • Photographer: Nigel and Sue Coomber NLC PHOTOGRAPHY
    • DJ: Martin Brew MCB disco
    • Videographer: NA
    • Rental Company: Men’s suites from Dickies in Crawley, the chair cover covers and sashes from 
    • Venue: Frensham Pond Hotel – One of my most favourite places
    • Reception Venue: Frensham Pond Hotel
    • Event Planner: Me
    • Event Designer: Me
  • If your event was DIY…
    • Can you share with us what inspired you and how you made some of the items from your special day? The venue itself, our hobbies and interests, my Indian culture, family members who are no longer with us
    • What are some tips you have for anyone currently planning their wedding day?
    • Start planning asap, does not matter if you have 2 years or 6 months to your day, the sooner you start planning the better.
    • Have a separate email address just for wedding stuff, provide only this email address to your enquiries, quotes and vendors.
    • Keep paper copies of everything and a paper diary.
    • Arranging meetings that involve bridesmaids and groomsmen, well in advance, this way if dates need to be changed for what ever reason you can rearrange in good time.
    • Have folders with labels dividers for each element of the wedding  – easy and quick access to paperwork when liaising with vendors.
    • Once vendors finalised, create a list of all vendors – Names, addresses, phone numbers, what involvement they have and times of arrival.
    • Get a couple of clip boards. Once everything is finalised, take paper copies and organise on clipboards – vendors list, table plan, whose arriving with what and when, timeline of the day etc. Arrange a final meeting with all bridesmaids and groomsmen a week or so before the day, go through everything with them one final time.
    • Create a spreadsheet of vendors for finances – total amount, departing paid and when, remaining left to pay and when, tick off and clear as and when.
    • Contact all vendors a week before hand for final confirmations. Aim for a target date to get everything arranged and finalised by, I went for 4 weeks before the big day.
    • If friends are helping put with this like packing gift bags etc, put these dates in the diary well in advance and finalise.
    • Try to stick to finalised dates as much as possible, especially if on a short time scale.

If you have any questions relating to this blog, then please feel free to contact me.

Lastly and most importantly,  I would like to thank Jamini for helping out with the information for this blog post.

This wedding was undoubtedly one of or the very best weddings that I have ever photographed. It was indeed an absolute pleasure.



You are both STARS :o)


Best wishes

Nigel & Sue




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