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Having been in the wedding industry for a good few years now, one thing that has been proven over and over again is that you can NEVER be too organised.

Some of the very best weddings that I have had the privilege to undertake the wedding photography at are the ones where the bride and groom to be, ok, maybe mainly the bride, has been organised almost to the point of being obsessed about organising their special day.

Let’s face it, this is going to probably be the most important day in your lives so far and certainly one that you need to think about carefully. The organisation and thought that goes into this process is truly the foundation required to ensure that your day will certainly be one that you will want to look back on with a smile on your face for the rest of your lives.

In all honesty, if you think that its too soon to plan, then it probably isn’t!

There are so many things to organise that all have to come together seamlessly in that one short moment in time, so like so many things preparation is definitely the key.

Below are some guidelines that I feel may help you to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly and that the only hitch will be you both getting hitched.

Approximately 18/12 months prior to the wedding

Seriously, you need to be thinking of a venue and arrange to visit a few and make a decision as soon as possible. To be honest some of the best venues are even booked up 18 months to two years in advance!.

This is when you need to spend some quality time researching your wedding suppliers such as Florist, Photographers, Entertainment, Cake makers, Wedding cars, cater, Hair and makeup.

There are options to take out wedding insurance so it is well worth researching this as well.

Quality live entertainment, is a premium service and these suppliers tend to be highly sort after, so booking early will ensure that you are not disappointed.

Likewise, your photographer will need to be booked early for the same reasons. On that note truly professional photographers are always happy to sit down with you and discuss your requirements. You will often find that they have a wealth of knowledge about wedding suppliers that they have worked alongside side in the past and are always happy to share their recommendations with you from experience.

The same will also apply to your Hair and Makeup artist.

Book your chosen caters

Although your wedding planning can be carried out by yourself, why not consider a professional wedding planner to take the pressure off your shoulders. Make sure that the person is someone that you really feel comfortable with as you will be working with each other for a long time!

For the Bride to be, one of the most exciting if not the most exciting part of the planning is the Wedding Dress. So start looking and you will find that there are some very good bridal wear shops around who will be able to offer invaluable advice regarding the best time to order your dress etc

As soon as you have chosen a date, start sending out your Save the date cards in order that your preferred quests have plenty of time to make sure they are able to celebrate your special day with you.

Choose your Bridesmaids and enjoy their reaction when you pop the question 

10/12 Months prior to the wedding

Book your DJ for your reception.

Book your wedding cars

Research guest accommodation nearby to your venue in order that you can notify your guests when sending out your invitations.

Contact your decoration hire company if you need to hire anything special for your day.

Order your wedding cake

Book your Honeymoon  Always a fun time choosing that special destination.

6/8 Months prior to the wedding

Start planning your Hen & Stag parties, remember the more exotic the destinations the sooner you will want to book!

4/6 Months prior to the wedding

Choose the bridesmaids dresses, Outfits for your flower girls and Pageboy

Close your wedding invitations and get them sent out to your guests, make a spreadsheet to keep track of your responses.

Check with your local Registrar or Priest/Religious celebrant about arranging the legal license

Organise your wedding transport for the day

Organise a Hair and Makeup trial

2/3 Months prior to the wedding

Attend dress fitting

Choose and order wedding rings

Organise any special gifts that you will want to present on the day to your Bridesmaids, Groomsmen etc.

Buy any shoes and accessories, allow additional time if ordering online

Arrange a Menu tasting with your caterer

4 Weeks before wedding

Have a final wedding dress fitting

Ensure any last minute adjustments are made with your suppliers regarding timings etc

Review final RSVP List and call any that have not responded.

Choose any special music that you require when walking up the aisle and signing the register.

2/3 Weeks before the wedding

Provide a must have shot list to your photographer and give them any names of designated helpers on the day who will assist in organising people for your group shots.

Give venue/ caterer final headcount ( This time timing may well vary depending on the requirement of the supplier!)

Create your table plan.

Final Payments to outstanding suppliers may now be required.

1 Week before wedding

Final check with venue coordinator and create a time timetable for day to include suppliers setup times.

All necessary Suppliers to be provided with a copy of timetable ie Photographer, entertainers etc

Get a manicure, massage, waxing & all you special preening and prep

Do a full wedding rehearsal

Pack an overnight case for the reception.

Pack for your honeymoon.

The day before the wedding

Drop off your place cards, table cards, menu cards, table plan to reception

Provide all wedding suppliers with emergency contact telephone numbers

Ensure Wedding cake timings are on track with the supplier ( maybe get someone else to do this for you!)

Get a good nights sleep

On the day

* Give the gifts for your parents to the best man/bridesmaid for after the speeches
* Flowers delivered to where the bride is getting ready – buttonholes may need to be brought to the guys
* Give wedding bands to the best man to hold during the ceremony
* Give best man the officiant’s fee envelope, to be given after the ceremony
* Introduce your reception coordinator to your wedding planner (if you’re having one), or bridesmaid/best-man for questions or problems during the reception.
* Introduce a family member or attendant to the photographer so he knows who is who.

Most importantly ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to add this very brief topic to my blog which I believe to be very important and something that can so easily be overlooked by both our Brides and Grooms.

As we all know,  this year has seen us have summer temperatures that have exceeded all of our expectations.  Although this has been great news for many couples and guests alike, I can not express enough the importance of staying well Hydrated during your wedding day and by this, I don’t mean copious glasses of bubbly 🙂 I mean water as well. 🙂

Every one of us including myself has been guilty of not drinking enough throughout a hot summer wedding and not wishing to be a killjoy it is truly so important.

I would strongly advise that you make it the job of the Groomsman and Bridesmaids to ensure that a small bottle of water is always to hand in order to ensure that you are both properly hydrated and as a result able to enjoy your day without suffering the adverse effects of such a wonderful hot spell which show currently no signs of abetting.

Of course, it is your day and is not for me to tell you what to do or not to do but it honestly makes a lot of sense to be aware.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blog post and please enjoy the rest of your summer.

Long may this fantastic weather continue.





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One of the great things that I really enjoy aside from my photography,  is to bring an old photograph back to life.

We all have those wonderful black & white faded photos tucked away in a draw or at best in an album that has not seen the light of day for many years. The joy of seeing that old black and white image colourised is just a truly amazing feeling. Somehow it breathes life back into the image and seems to bring the person back to life.

Part of the fun is not knowing the exact colours, as probably the person in the image passed a long time ago, so artistic license is often required.

The image below was taken of my mother when I believe mum was around the age of 19. Sadly my mother died 13 years ago at the age of 72, but the joy of seeing such a beautiful lady once again in colour looking as radiant as ever is just amazing.

Our old images are often in a frame but it is still quite possible to rephotograph them in situ, meaning that no damage is caused to the original framed image.

As I have mentioned previously in past blogs, as good as digital images are there is something to be said for prints. They are tactile something meaningful that you can actually hold whilst you revisit all those lovely memories.

Sadly, today we are all guilty of having thousands of photographs taken on our phones etc which will never be seen as intended. Of course, there is the pleasure of actually taking the picture, but photography is just so much more.

Nothing can give more pleasure than an image mounted on our walls or sitting on our work desk which more often than not can guarantee a smile.


If you come across any old images that you would like to be restored? then please contact me and I will be happy to advise you and if possible undertake your restoration for you.

Let our kept images from the past again envoke those memories that have been left dormant for far too long.

Have a great day!










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Dorset Holiday 2017

We all need a Holiday? Well, 2017 has been a busy year and so Sue, Wilf (That’s the Dog) and Me decided to take a well earned week break in the west country,  Dorset to be precise. Staying near to Durdle Door we were very well situated to explore the local Jurassic coastline. Staring at, yep you guessed it Durdle Door.


To be honest the walk from the village nearly killed me several times and although in the image below it does not look steep the first climb to Durdle Door was a killer, at least to me. Wilf and of course my better half found it a breeze, at least that what I was told :).

Still, the end result was worth it and I was able to capture an image that I had wanted to get for a long time so need to to stop complaining about the climb now. LOL


With a coastline of such interest, the rock cliffs could only be described as breathtaking and although as a youngster I had frequented this part of the country many times with my parents, some 40 years later it was like visiting an old friend for the very first time. You could not possibly be anything but overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.




The visit to the lighthouse was on one of the few days when there had been more sun than rain and although in many of the pictures it may look bright and sunny, believe me, more time was spent dodging the heavy showers of an Autumnal September in the UK

Wilf seemed to enjoy himself though 🙂 he too enjoyed the fantastic views from the waters edge




Corfe Castle stood proudly on the hill and on closer inspection it was much bigger than it first seemed to be.  With its steep sides, you could only imagine how grand this building once was, with a thriving community and what must have been huge state rooms entertaining the rich and noble. It seems such a shame that it was destroyed hundreds of years ago in the name of politics.

Great day out followed by a coffee and a walk around the very pretty village

Well, the holiday has ended and back to the real world. ;o)





Aimee Cox baby photo session number three

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Aimee Cox / Session 3

On Saturday the 26th August, I was privileged to have the gorgeous Aimee Cox in the studio for the third session of her watch me grow baby shoot package.

What a change, she was so smiley and happy and an absolute pleasure to photograph. That is not to say the little princess had not been in the past but what a difference three months make. She was now able to hold herself up, sit without support and pretty much smile on request make my task of photographing an even more pleasurable than previously.

Children grow so fast and a personal regret we have as a family is that we do not have photographs like these to look back on of our own children! as dad is a photographer there is no excuse lol. Memories are worth holding onto and in print are something that can be passed down to generation to come. Digital file formats may change but prints are here to stay, with printed images that are now able to hold their colour and quality for well over one hundred years as long as they are looked after and kept out of direct sunlight, in fact, Sun Light is the number one reason why our image fade! we have all seen those washed out colours on a lovely picture that is in a frame mounted on the wall in direct sunlight. With just a little common sense and forethought about their positioning, there is no doubt that the life and quality of our prints can be prolonged.

The next time we see little Aimee we will be knocking on the door of Christmas 🙂 who would not want a print, canvas or even an Acrylic of such a cutie hanging on their wall.

Remember, if you want to have some treasured memories to pass down future generations, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be only too pleased to help you.

As always, thank you for taking the time out to read our blog and if you have any request for future blog content, please get in touch through our website or Facebook page

We will, of course, be pleased to hear from you.

Best wishes






The wedding of Michael & Nicola Burke

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On Saturday 12th August 2017 this lovely couple Michael and Nicola were married.

The wedding took place at the View Hotel in Eastbourne . It was to be a very special day for many reasons. Firstly this wonderful couple deserved some happiness and are a perfect match. Secondly, our son Daniel was to be the Bestman so we were even more proud to have been involved and asked to photograph their special day.

It was a day full of laughter and happiness as often these events are, but with that extra special something that you just can’t put your finger on. The weather held out and again our record of dry weddings continues with would you believe only one wet December wedding since 2009! some record 🙂

It was a relatively small wedding with around 60 guests who joined in the spirit of the day adding to the overall magical moments that a wedding brings, times for tears and times of real belly laughter provided by our Son and fellow chosen ones 🙂 not to mention Matthew (Private Joke for the Groom LOL)

After the hustle and bustle of the day, it was great to get out on the promenade with Michael & Nicola,  a chance for them to reflect on the day and chill out. For me, it is one of the best time during a wedding day a time that I wish could last longer.

After a short while, it was back to the venue and a chance to have some fun with our trusty picture frame, a prop that always guarantees us lots of smiley  happy faces

The day finished for us after the First Dance, the end of another day having had the privilege to provide more treasured memories and a reason to do it all again 🙂


Congratulations Michael & Nicola and may your future continue to brings smiles to your faces despite life’s testing times.

Best wishes to all your family


Nigel & Sue




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Giving something back has always been something that I have wanted to do.  I have recently been considering a way that I can do this through my photography and have thought long and hard,  I have decided to look to partner with a charity,  either a local charity or National charity.  My initially search for a partner has included a post on Facebook looking for feedback from organisations that feel they would benefit from my time free of charge.

There is a charity/organisation that is certainly close to my heart and that is The Alzheimer’s Society primarily because my father was diagnosed nearly three years ago at the age of 89. 

Now at 91 my father’s short-term memory is very poor,  with some days being better than other as is the normal progression of this terrible disease. At this time I am not sure whether the Society will want my services,  but if I can offer my time to such a dedicated organisation then I would be extremely happy.  

However, If whilst reading this Blog you feel that you know of an organisation that is close to your heart and that you feel would benefit from assistance in its media section, then please contact me and I would, of course, be more than happy to consider them.

My email address is

I realise that this blog post is off subject but I do not make an apology for this as it is something that I feel the need to do.

If I am able to find a partner that I can work with I will update this Blog accordingly.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this all be it short post.

Best wishes













Local Photoshoot Location

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Favourite Local Photoshoot Locations

When looking for a potential location for a family or Engagement Photoshoot, it is often a good idea to choose somewhere that has a visually appealing background, somewhere that offers an opportunity to incorporate this into your images.

Lewes is an old historic county town, which fortunately offers a variety of locations, one of which is the old priory ruins

This site offers a variety of backdrops to enhance the interest factor of your images with a large number of ancient flint wall remains, from Lewes Priory which was founded by William de Warenne between 1078 and 1082. Steeped in history,  a worthwhile place to visit.

The Battle Of Lewes Memorial is located within the priory grounds and lends itself to great photo opportunities.

From children to adults

This particular photoshoot was with a fantastic couple, Manu, Helen and their two children prior to their wedding day,  a great opportunity to get to know each other, something we would always highly recommend.

The good news is that this is included in all of the wedding packages featured on our website at no additional cost.

The children were certainly up for some fun,  which of course is always a bonus.



The session was completed with a beautiful image of the family, one I hope that will be cherished for many years to come.

Of course, we are happy to discuss any suggestions that you may have for your location, so please do not hesitate to speak to us at any time.

I thought that it would be nice to end this blog post with an image taken on their subsequent wedding day.



I hope that you have found this short post interesting and informative.


Best wishes





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Please feel free to click on the compilation slideshow that we produced for the wedding of Garry & Jamini

The wedding has recently featured in our Blog following the welcomed information that Jamini Wright provided giving us an insight into their fabulous day.


The wedding venue was stunning and the owners could not do enough for their special guest. In fact, we have no hesitation when comes to recommending the Frensham Pond Hotel. A wedding venue that you would find hard to beat for quality of service, charm and atmosphere. A truly superb venue.




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