Aimee Cox baby photo session number three

Posted on August 28, 2017 by Admin under Baby Shoots

Aimee Cox / Session 3

On Saturday the 26th August, I was privileged to have the gorgeous Aimee Cox in the studio for the third session of her watch me grow baby shoot package.

What a change, she was so smiley and happy and an absolute pleasure to photograph. That is not to say the little princess had not been in the past but what a difference three months make. She was now able to hold herself up, sit without support and pretty much smile on request make my task of photographing an even more pleasurable than previously.

Children grow so fast and a personal regret we have as a family is that we do not have photographs like these to look back on of our own children! as dad is a photographer there is no excuse lol. Memories are worth holding onto and in print are something that can be passed down to generation to come. Digital file formats may change but prints are here to stay, with printed images that are now able to hold their colour and quality for well over one hundred years as long as they are looked after and kept out of direct sunlight, in fact, Sun Light is the number one reason why our image fade! we have all seen those washed out colours on a lovely picture that is in a frame mounted on the wall in direct sunlight. With just a little common sense and forethought about their positioning, there is no doubt that the life and quality of our prints can be prolonged.

The next time we see little Aimee we will be knocking on the door of Christmas 🙂 who would not want a print, canvas or even an Acrylic of such a cutie hanging on their wall.

Remember, if you want to have some treasured memories to pass down future generations, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be only too pleased to help you.

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