Baby Portrait Sessions And Our Treasured Memories ***Part 1

Posted on February 12, 2017 by Admin under Baby Shoots

Baby Portrait Sessions Part 1

The benefit of Prints 

One of the sad things about our modern life is that so many of us have all of our memories in digital format these days , which although great and convenient it is sad that we no longer see our images around us in printed form unlike our parents. I am sure we all remember those framed images which were always on show or the holiday albums that would be brought out during family gatherings.

It is assumed that we will turn on our digital device and our images will be there in full HD or 4K as is becoming the norm these days. Whilst we should all be aware of the necessity of backing up our data, let’s be honest how many of us actually do ?  The very worst thing to happen would be to lose those treasured memories forever !

As a father,  I know only too well that our children do not stay babies for long and before you know it they are continuously changing and growing. It is for this reason that images of our babies should be highly valued and protected and this I believe is where the printed image is still the best way of preserving these memories. There is no doubt that even as adults we still get the pleasure of viewing and reminiscing over images from our childhood, in my case the 60’s So there you have it I have even given away my age too 🙂

Our portrait packages will all include one printed 10 x 8 image to start you off on the journey with the option to still view your images online and to purchase further prints from your session in various formats.

We invite you to click on this link or to navigate to our portrait information from the menu at the top of this page under the tab Enquiry.

I would like to follow this short blog up with further practical information in relation to your baby sessions in the near future, but in the meantime if you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or Via our Facebook Page 






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