So do I need a professional photographer

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So do I need a professional photographer?

Unless you are very lucky individuals, there are few things in life that happen which set us out on a fantastic journey. Fortunately, marriage is one of these and is something that a great deal of us are privileged to experience.
This time will be full of moments that deserve to be remembered and cherished. It is for this reason that I advise you need to really consider the true worth of your wedding photography.
Often you are happy to spend a great deal of your savings on fabulous venues, food, clothing etc which is of course fantastic. Unfortunately, when considering your wedding photography this is an area that for some reason couples may look for ways to save money. This is sometimes achieved by using a friend with a camera who volunteers to shoot your day for free or at little cost.
Hopefully your marriage is a one off ceremony which will NEVER be repeated! And It’s for this reason that we recommend seriously considering the potential implications of using a family friend or enthusiast to record the events of such an important day. There are well documented incidents on the internet where families and friends have sadly actually fallen out following a wedding as a result of this experience.
Wedding photography is a very challenging event to photograph and a great deal of experience and professionalism is needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In addition,  there is a lot of pre wedding activity undertaken by your photographer to help ensure that your images will be something that you can look back on with a smile on your face for years to come, remember future generations will also enjoy them too. Charges made by your photographer will often include as many meeting as required to discuss your thoughts and expectation, venue walk around and church rehearsals.
Your professional photographer will also be fully insured, something I guarantee that your family friend photographer will not have. Accidents can happen to the very best and well organised people, from a guest tripping over a misplaced gear bag and injuring themselves, to an unforeseen technical issue during the editing process.
In addition your pro photographer will use professional grade equipment and will have spent thousands of pounds to ensure that the risk of technical equipment errors will be kept to a minimum and will always have more than one camera etc all of the above should be considered when you looking at the cost that a professional will charges as opposed to a non-professional amateur. There are always valid reasons why premium rates are charged.
Following your wedding your photographer will then edit potentially hundreds of photographs over several days, using high end expensive computer software and equipment ensuring the end product is something that will be treasured. Again this a cost that is normally included and should also be taken into account when considering their charges.
Lastly, please again consider your event budget carefully and remember the value and worth of your photographs and the benefits of a professional experienced photographer over simply a friend or enthusiast with little or no experience of undertaking a wedding remember there are no second chances to get things right!
You will always find professional wedding photographers to be passionate about their profession and only ever want the very best for you both.
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