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One of the great things that I really enjoy aside from my photography,  is to bring an old photograph back to life.

We all have those wonderful black & white faded photos tucked away in a draw or at best in an album that has not seen the light of day for many years. The joy of seeing that old black and white image colourised is just a truly amazing feeling. Somehow it breathes life back into the image and seems to bring the person back to life.

Part of the fun is not knowing the exact colours, as probably the person in the image passed a long time ago, so artistic license is often required.

The image below was taken of my mother when I believe mum was around the age of 19. Sadly my mother died 13 years ago at the age of 72, but the joy of seeing such a beautiful lady once again in colour looking as radiant as ever is just amazing.

Our old images are often in a frame but it is still quite possible to rephotograph them in situ, meaning that no damage is caused to the original framed image.

As I have mentioned previously in past blogs, as good as digital images are there is something to be said for prints. They are tactile something meaningful that you can actually hold whilst you revisit all those lovely memories.

Sadly, today we are all guilty of having thousands of photographs taken on our phones etc which will never be seen as intended. Of course, there is the pleasure of actually taking the picture, but photography is just so much more.

Nothing can give more pleasure than an image mounted on our walls or sitting on our work desk which more often than not can guarantee a smile.


If you come across any old images that you would like to be restored? then please contact me and I will be happy to advise you and if possible undertake your restoration for you.

Let our kept images from the past again envoke those memories that have been left dormant for far too long.

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