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NLC PHOTOGRAPHY is launching a headshot service at our small studio in Lewes as we believe that there is a serious need to value the worth of a quality head shot for both our clients personal and professional usage.

It has never been more important to understand that as a business owner or an individual that first impression count!
whether it is a job application,  an application to a casting agency, a who’s who board or web page introducing your companies  personnel  to prospective clients, Facebook business page profile images and even dating agency profiles. The worth a professional Head Shot should never be under estimated.
Every picture tells a story, evokes emotion and gives that initial feeling of a personal attachment. It is a known fact that people undertaking interviews for example will make an initial judgement about a person within the first few seconds of a face to face meeting. In life today many prospective employers initial evaluation of an individual will often be undertaken following the review of their in-depth personal profile online and like those first few seconds of a face to face meeting your head shot will more than likely be the first thing that is seen on your profile. This can also be said of a dating agency too.

The old saying of “Never judge a book by its cover” is true,  but there is no doubt that rightly or wrongly as humans we judge people initially on what we see. Therefore,  if you are the face of a brand for example,  it is so important that your image is right and quick snap taken on your smart phone is just not acceptable in todays business environment.

It is also important to remember that the eyes are indeed the windows to our souls.  So much can be perceived about a persons character by the warmth expressed in a facial expression least of all evoking a strong sense of trust.  Often actors will have a set of photographs showing not only happy smiley faces but also mean and moody expressions.  Someone viewing these images will no doubt be actively looking for an initial feeling of their ability to show different characters in front of the camera.

Below are a few examples of images taken of Isabella (Actress) where differently captured expression can transmit  both happy and serious looks, each photograph saying something different about the person which is so important to have in your portfolio.


If you are an ordinary individual that is just looking for a stunning head shot , Corporate Manager or someone that is looking to further expand their portfolio and feel that you could benefit from our newly created service, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Remember, a quickly captured snap on your smartphone is no longer acceptable and there is real value in having a professional head shot in your portfolio.

We hope that have enjoyed this short blog.

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