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Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group

On the 30th November we offered our services with no hesitation to support a truly wonderful charity in Seaford.

When I was young my family had very close ties with children with Down’s, my sister at the time was volunteering at a private residential home in Hove whilst training to be an NNEB and we were so lucky to be able to have one of the young people for some Holidays etc at home. Our house would be filled with smiles and more love than you could possibly imagine. It was a fantastic experience and one which none of us would ever forget. Back then there was a great deal of stigma attached to children with Down’s, thankfully slowly but surely things have changed somewhat since the 70’s but I am sure many would agree there is still a way to go.

People who have no experience of Down’s would be so surprised at how clever some of these guys and girls really are and how much love they have to give in return for patience and understanding.

They are all individuals and all have their own wonderful personalities.

The same I am sure can be said of those youngsters who have various other forms of special needs.

The only thing to remember is that they are all very “special” people who deserve our help.

It is with this in mind that NLC PHOTOGRAPHY wanted to get involved and offer our services, seeking no reward in return other than knowing that we were able to help in some small insignificant way.

It is my understanding that the Charity has grown from a few parents getting together with their children to the group of able bodied people of all ages that you will see offering their services for the good of the community.

Now the team are able to offer regular activities such as swimming and music classes which are supervised by fully trained and experienced individuals, all of which are happy to give their time.

The experience that the charity has gained has enabled them to be in a position to be able to assist individuals with additional needs and offer appreciated help to families by sharing information and experiences in areas that before the charity existed would probably have been difficult to obtain.

Seaford-DSSNSG are also able to host training days with with professional speakers, ensuring the very best opportunities to allow the children in the groups to fulfil their full potential in life and grow up with added personal self confidence.

Importantly, they are now implementing better improved guidance to expectant parents who have been recently diagnosed enabling them to make better informed decisions about their families futures.

In short, the Charity is doing great things but are always seeking that extra support and funding so I would highly recommend that you take a few minutes to head over to their website at and take a closer look at what they are able to offer the local community in and around Seaford. Maybe you have some special skills that they could take advantage of or just a few hours that you could spare to help them on their journey. There is a section on the website where you can volunteer your service, so please give your support.

There is also the facility to donate to this well deserving charity. There is never a donation that is too small, as every penny will be be spent providing some great and needed services.

The atmosphere at their Christmas party was truly something, only improved upon when Santa arrived and what a Santa he was. To see the excitement on the children’s faces just enhanced the magic of Christmas that was clearly in the air that evening.

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the evening and I hope that we will be asked to return next year and do it all over again!

Here I will be hopefully posting just a few of images from the evening. The images taken have been passed on to the committee along with a password to enable there viewing on our website, but it is for the charity to provide this as they feel appropriate. As soon as I have the relative permissions from the parents I will update the blog, in the meantime.

We would like to wish all of the Children, Parents and volunteers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

And thank you again for letting us be part of your celebration.

Best wishes

Nigel & Sue


Happy New Year

I have now obtained permission to share a few images of some the wonderful children who attend the Christmas party at Fort Fun in Eastbourne.

Have a very special 2019

Best wishes





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