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Dorset Holiday 2017

We all need a Holiday? Well, 2017 has been a busy year and so Sue, Wilf (That’s the Dog) and Me decided to take a well earned week break in the west country,  Dorset to be precise. Staying near to Durdle Door we were very well situated to explore the local Jurassic coastline. Staring at, yep you guessed it Durdle Door.


To be honest the walk from the village nearly killed me several times and although in the image below it does not look steep the first climb to Durdle Door was a killer, at least to me. Wilf and of course my better half found it a breeze, at least that what I was told :).

Still, the end result was worth it and I was able to capture an image that I had wanted to get for a long time so need to to stop complaining about the climb now. LOL


With a coastline of such interest, the rock cliffs could only be described as breathtaking and although as a youngster I had frequented this part of the country many times with my parents, some 40 years later it was like visiting an old friend for the very first time. You could not possibly be anything but overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.




The visit to the lighthouse was on one of the few days when there had been more sun than rain and although in many of the pictures it may look bright and sunny, believe me, more time was spent dodging the heavy showers of an Autumnal September in the UK

Wilf seemed to enjoy himself though 🙂 he too enjoyed the fantastic views from the waters edge




Corfe Castle stood proudly on the hill and on closer inspection it was much bigger than it first seemed to be.  With its steep sides, you could only imagine how grand this building once was, with a thriving community and what must have been huge state rooms entertaining the rich and noble. It seems such a shame that it was destroyed hundreds of years ago in the name of politics.

Great day out followed by a coffee and a walk around the very pretty village

Well, the holiday has ended and back to the real world. ;o)








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