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Giving something back has always been something that I have wanted to do.  I have recently been considering a way that I can do this through my photography and have thought long and hard,  I have decided to look to partner with a charity,  either a local charity or National charity.  My initially search for a partner has included a post on Facebook looking for feedback from organisations that feel they would benefit from my time free of charge.

There is a charity/organisation that is certainly close to my heart and that is The Alzheimer’s Society primarily because my father was diagnosed nearly three years ago at the age of 89. 

Now at 91 my father’s short-term memory is very poor,  with some days being better than other as is the normal progression of this terrible disease. At this time I am not sure whether the Society will want my services,  but if I can offer my time to such a dedicated organisation then I would be extremely happy.  

However, If whilst reading this Blog you feel that you know of an organisation that is close to your heart and that you feel would benefit from assistance in its media section, then please contact me and I would, of course, be more than happy to consider them.

My email address is

I realise that this blog post is off subject but I do not make an apology for this as it is something that I feel the need to do.

If I am able to find a partner that I can work with I will update this Blog accordingly.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this all be it short post.

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