Why did I want to be a Photographer

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I guess looking back in my life photography has always be a passion for me. In the early days at school making my first pin hole camera, was probably the kick start to it all. My father now in his 90’s used to like his gadgets too and always seemed to have the latest camera. Back in the early 70’s Dixons used to offer a part exchange system on cameras, which meant Dad always had the latest model and when old enough to do so I certainly carried on the trend. Minolta, Yashica, Canon and Olympus being some of the brands that I have owned.

It was whilst on holiday in America that I  finally got the digital bug, buying my first model for what seemed to be a fortune back then and the quality,  well it was pretty poor to say the least.  Still I got the bug.

No longer was I tied to a print shop or having to send off my slide films to Kodak it was all so much easier. Having now purchased several different digital Camera I finally brought my first real Canon DSLR the EOS 300D  It was from that point on I was a true Canon man to the core. In the coming years I have worked my way through many of the models culminating in being the owner of one of the very first Canon 1 Dx DSLR cameras which was to be and still is the Canon DSLR Flagship Camera. Although sadly there is now a Mk2 (Something for the must have list)


After years of taking photographs many of my family and friends used to say that my images were so good why don’t I look to earn money from my photography ? At first way in I thing 2007 I was not sure and lacked self confidence in my abilities. To be honest many photographers will never feel that there images are good enough. I guess I fell into that category! Still I made the plunge. Oh and I still think that too !

I decided that if I was going to do this I would do it properly,  ensuring that I had insurance,  a business bank account and a dedicated accountant.

Initially my business was carried out along side my full time job as a Customer  Service Manager for a large Motor trader,  Caffyns in the South East.  Having dealt with the public it had been a great advantage when undertaking my additional chosen profession. I new from the start that Wedding Photography was going to be my area and that even as a part time photographer I was determined to offer the very same level of customer service to my clients as a full time photographer did.

In 2016 I left the security of my job with Caffyns and at the age of 55 went full time as a photographer. The first year has be tough due to a medical condition,  but that is now finally improving and I am looking forward now to the future.

In addition to Weddings I have started  doing Head Shots and I am hoping to expand on this to incorporate the many young actors in the area. I have also found a passion for photographing children too and although it can be quite stressful, it is also very rewarding.

In the last couple of months I have also produced a Pet photography business with its own dedicated website  NLCPHOTOGRAPHY FAMILYPETS.COM Please feel free to click the website link and have a look.

So although in this day and age every one who owns a camera thinks they can be a professional,  I am still enjoying the challenges that are thrown at me in this highly competitive market and look forward with a new found sense of optimism.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and I hope that you will visit again, if you have a topic/content that you would like to see please let me know.

May I also remind you that I have a Facebook page and welcome content from my followers.

Thank you for reading my blog











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When the deed has been carried out and the wedding proposal is official, the planning begins.

In 2016 on Thursday the 29th September NLC PHOTOGRAPHY had the absolute  privilege of undertaking the wedding of Garry & Jamini Wright. This was a wedding that we had be looking forward to do for so many reason. Firstly , the couple were truly fantastic people and had been an absolute pleasure to deal with from the very beginning.

Having had a background in the motor trade I first met Jamini via the telephone at the head office call centre of a major vehicle manufacturer  where she had been a first class customer service team member and although we conversed for several years over the phone I had never actually met Jamini in person. At the time I had been running my photography business alongside my full time job and Jamini had always said that when she married Garry, she would love for me to photograph their wedding.

As happens with many people Jamini left  her job for pastures new and I ultimately I left my previous profession to undertake my wedding photography business  full time.

Jamini was true to her word,  when one day I received contact from them asking If I wanted the job which of course I was more than happy to do.

The wedding itself would be a mixture of Indian and British culture which really appealed to me.




Jamini had always been a very well organised person and her wedding planning was no exception. I think that Garry would be the first to let Jamini take pretty much all of the organisational credit. The wedding was just so well organised from start to finish.

It is for this reason that I have asked Jamini to share her experience with everyone which she was really happy to do, no surprise there  🙂

I think that organisation is the key and everything then seems to slip into place,  removing so much stress from the actual day and from a selfish point of view my job as a photographer so much nicer.


Advice about wedding planning

I asked Jamii a series of questions and she has kindly responded :o)


  • When was your wedding day? Thursday 29th September 2016
  • What was your favorite detail of planning your wedding day?  – Ohhh this is a hard one, there were lots of favourites, the best was the instant attraction of the venue and Bollywood Vibes dancers, ohh and all of the flowers and my bouquet with Jennifer from Yours Truly Flowers   – Oh my gosh, I keep coming back to this question, arranging the invitations and all of the stationary with the best lady in the industry for this with Jan from Bespoke Wedding Favours
  • How did you pick your wedding colors? I didn’t want a white wedding dress due to the Indian/English fusion, I couldn’t find the right wedding dress, all I knew was that I didn’t want it white and it needed to be a mix of English bridal gown and Indian Bridal outfit. Then a friend of mine gave me her “extra” wedding dress that she never wore, this was red and gold, the perfect Indian traditional colours in an English style wedding gown, and the colours just came from that
  • How would you describe your wedding (i.e. Country, Rustic, Urban, etc.) English/Indian fusion, both of our cultures, family, friends and most favourite things coming together, completely unique but at the same time elegant 
  • Where did you find the most wedding inspiration that was helpful in planning your event? Definitely Facebook and Google searches. Wedding fairs too. 
  • What site helped you the most in planning your event? Facebook – “Wedding Find it, Buy it” and “My big fat Indian wedding”
  • What magazine helped you find inspiration the most? Asiana Wedding
  • Did you have an event planner? If yes, please give us a review so we can post this for other brides. Nope – all DIY
  • Who was your…
    • Photographer: Nigel and Sue Coomber NLC PHOTOGRAPHY
    • DJ: Martin Brew MCB disco
    • Videographer: NA
    • Rental Company: Men’s suites from Dickies in Crawley, the chair cover covers and sashes from 
    • Venue: Frensham Pond Hotel – One of my most favourite places
    • Reception Venue: Frensham Pond Hotel
    • Event Planner: Me
    • Event Designer: Me
  • If your event was DIY…
    • Can you share with us what inspired you and how you made some of the items from your special day? The venue itself, our hobbies and interests, my Indian culture, family members who are no longer with us
    • What are some tips you have for anyone currently planning their wedding day?
    • Start planning asap, does not matter if you have 2 years or 6 months to your day, the sooner you start planning the better.
    • Have a separate email address just for wedding stuff, provide only this email address to your enquiries, quotes and vendors.
    • Keep paper copies of everything and a paper diary.
    • Arranging meetings that involve bridesmaids and groomsmen, well in advance, this way if dates need to be changed for what ever reason you can rearrange in good time.
    • Have folders with labels dividers for each element of the wedding  – easy and quick access to paperwork when liaising with vendors.
    • Once vendors finalised, create a list of all vendors – Names, addresses, phone numbers, what involvement they have and times of arrival.
    • Get a couple of clip boards. Once everything is finalised, take paper copies and organise on clipboards – vendors list, table plan, whose arriving with what and when, timeline of the day etc. Arrange a final meeting with all bridesmaids and groomsmen a week or so before the day, go through everything with them one final time.
    • Create a spreadsheet of vendors for finances – total amount, departing paid and when, remaining left to pay and when, tick off and clear as and when.
    • Contact all vendors a week before hand for final confirmations. Aim for a target date to get everything arranged and finalised by, I went for 4 weeks before the big day.
    • If friends are helping put with this like packing gift bags etc, put these dates in the diary well in advance and finalise.
    • Try to stick to finalised dates as much as possible, especially if on a short time scale.

If you have any questions relating to this blog, then please feel free to contact me.

Lastly and most importantly,  I would like to thank Jamini for helping out with the information for this blog post.

This wedding was undoubtedly one of or the very best weddings that I have ever photographed. It was indeed an absolute pleasure.



You are both STARS :o)


Best wishes

Nigel & Sue


An insight into Pete & Katie’s Wedding Day 20th May 2017 Pre Ceremony

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The Morning Of The Wedding

An early start on the 20th May for the wedding of Pete Black and Katie Gardener.

It was local for us so on this occasion so not a lot of traveling which is always a plus ;o).

Upon arrival at Katie’s parents Georgie & Peters house,  the house was starting to buzz with the excitement of the day.  Katie was remarkably chilled and didn’t appear on the face of it to be phased by things, but I am sure underneath that cool exterior lay the normal wedding nerves that we all have.

First to arrive was the hairdresser she was extremely good and made all the girls feel at ease. Each of the bridesmaids started in turn to have their hair done and soon the arrival of the makeup girls took the whole day to another level ! things were starting to get real now and the time began to fly by, what seemed like an age before the wedding to the girls began to whiz by and those nerves that had been so well hidden had began to surface 🙂

Having taken photos of the bridal preparation,  it was time to see the dress and boy what a dress ! complete with a hooped under dress it was stunning and there was no doubt that Katie was going to look a million Dollars. My process with wedding accessories is to usually where possible obtain these pre wedding in order to be a bit creative and different with the ring shots etc and also remove some of the pressure on the day of the wedding itself.

On this occasion Katie & Pete were to be married at the Grange in Lewes and in order to be a little different I had decided to take the ring shot in the grounds utilising two statues that are a main feature in the beautiful gardens.


My idea being that Katie and Pete would have a lasting memory and association with where they actually got married.

One accessory I hadn’t yet photographed was the flowers.

What can I say again they were stunning, I had never seen artificial flowers that looked so realistic. I could do with a garden full of them ;o)


My wife Sue helped on this occasion to dress the bride tastefully behind closed doors :). Sue is great,  often her skills as a Mum (albeit a while ago with little ones ) does come in handy and I genuinely think she actually enjoys it 🙂

Once dressed,  it was soon time for Katies Dad Peter to see Katie in all her splendor for the first time,  which is always a great moment.

Soon after this, Sue and I completed our home photos and were looking to make  our way to the Lewes Register Office at the Grange, which has by the way only very recently have been renovated. Such a great location now !

It was Katie’s request that I didn’t take pictures of her and dad etc getting into the car at the house,  so we left them and headed to the Grange leaving them to wait for Royalton Cars to arrive . Their vehicles are truly fantastic and come highly recommended by NLC PHOTOGRAPHY , having worked with them now on several occasions.

The owner of the business Nigel is a top fella too and offers outstanding customer service. Definitely worth a look if your are looking to arrive in classic original style.

I hope that you have enjoyed this albeit small insight into our world of wedding photography, a world that we are so passionate about.

It just leaves us to say congratulations to both Pete & Katie,  not forgetting the ever so cute son that is Dexter, who’s cheesy smile will light a room.


Have a long and happy rewarding marriage.


Best wishes

Nigel & Sue




The Importance of an Unplugged Wedding

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What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you ask your guests to turn off their phones, cameras, tablets, and other mobile devices during your ceremony.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to having an unplugged wedding:

  • When guests use their own cameras, there are many ways that this affects the photography that you’re actually paying for. Guests oftentimes are taking photos at the same time we are, and their flashes interfere with our cameras, leaving you blown out completely (and unsalvageable) or having weird shadows or lighting throughout the photos.
  • Guest cameras can leave a red or green dot from their focusing mechanisms. These will show up in our images.
  • If guests don’t turn off the noise on their cameras, they could be very loud when taking the photos. This can be very distracting to you and your guests.
  • Speaking of distracting – let’s talk about iPads and other tablets used to take photos. They are HUGE and are very distracting. If we are taking a wide photo of your ceremony, your eyes go straight to the tablet and completely ignore the beautiful couple exchanging vows.
  • Guests will often get in the aisle or stand in front of the professional photographers, blocking their shot. Sometimes, it’s too late for us to be able to get them to move, and we certainly don’t want to upset your guests by making them move.
  • During family formals, guests will often stand around photographers to get shots of their own, which can create harsh lighting if they use their flash. Even if they don’t use their flash, it causes the group to constantly be looking around, leaving wandering eyes. It’s hard for the photographer to get a good photo with everyone looking at the camera when there are multiple people taking photos around you.
  • Most importantly, if your guests are taking photos, they are not fully able to enjoy the moment. They are absent and distracted by their picture taking and posting.

We highly recommend having your wedding unplugged, but respect your wishes if you choose not to. If you have any questions concerning this or how to unplug your wedding, feel free to contact us and we can chat.

Sunrise has to be my favourite time of the day

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Above is probably one of my favourite sunrise photographs that I have ever taken.

I guess that I am lucky to live next to the beautiful South Downs in East Sussex. Although living somewhere so beautiful it is all too easy to take things for granted in our surrounding. With Glyndbourne Opera House’s wind turbine in the distance it has taken me a while to see any beauty in it. All that changed early one morning about three years ago. This image was taken very early one summer morning and the mist was laying heavy in the low lands stretching from Lewes East Sussex up towards Crowborough one of the if not highest points in Sussex. Such a breath taking view missed by so many still sleeping heavy in their beds.


That Special Time

Sunrise is in itself such a special time, the peace and quite,  the awakening wild life welcoming the new day with a fantastic variation of bird song. I guess being an insomniac helps me,  as I have never found it difficult to welcome a new day whether it be with a Camera or a Fishing Rod.

My daughter Hannah’s always teases me when I take Sunrise or Sunset photos with words along the lines of “Another Blooming Sunset” or maybe a little more colourful 🙂

Anyway,  it is a time of day that I will never tire of and will always enjoy natures spectacle.

Remember, you can purchase a print of the image from our website.




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NLC PHOTOGRAPHY is launching a headshot service at our small studio in Lewes as we believe that there is a serious need to value the worth of a quality head shot for both our clients personal and professional usage.

It has never been more important to understand that as a business owner or an individual that first impression count!
whether it is a job application,  an application to a casting agency, a who’s who board or web page introducing your companies  personnel  to prospective clients, Facebook business page profile images and even dating agency profiles. The worth a professional Head Shot should never be under estimated.
Every picture tells a story, evokes emotion and gives that initial feeling of a personal attachment. It is a known fact that people undertaking interviews for example will make an initial judgement about a person within the first few seconds of a face to face meeting. In life today many prospective employers initial evaluation of an individual will often be undertaken following the review of their in-depth personal profile online and like those first few seconds of a face to face meeting your head shot will more than likely be the first thing that is seen on your profile. This can also be said of a dating agency too.

The old saying of “Never judge a book by its cover” is true,  but there is no doubt that rightly or wrongly as humans we judge people initially on what we see. Therefore,  if you are the face of a brand for example,  it is so important that your image is right and quick snap taken on your smart phone is just not acceptable in todays business environment.

It is also important to remember that the eyes are indeed the windows to our souls.  So much can be perceived about a persons character by the warmth expressed in a facial expression least of all evoking a strong sense of trust.  Often actors will have a set of photographs showing not only happy smiley faces but also mean and moody expressions.  Someone viewing these images will no doubt be actively looking for an initial feeling of their ability to show different characters in front of the camera.

Below are a few examples of images taken of Isabella (Actress) where differently captured expression can transmit  both happy and serious looks, each photograph saying something different about the person which is so important to have in your portfolio.


If you are an ordinary individual that is just looking for a stunning head shot , Corporate Manager or someone that is looking to further expand their portfolio and feel that you could benefit from our newly created service, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Remember, a quickly captured snap on your smartphone is no longer acceptable and there is real value in having a professional head shot in your portfolio.

We hope that have enjoyed this short blog.

Best wishes



Vintage Garden Games

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Having been in the wedding photography business for a good few years now it was a strange experience to be on the other side of  wedding preparations.

Our youngest daughter Hannah & Matt have finally got engaged and the wedding is going to be around May time 2018. As a result we went along to a wedding Fayre at the South Of England show ground and met some interesting wedding suppliers. One stood out from the crowd and that was Gills Vintage Garden Games.

Gill came across as a very enthusiastic ambassador for her business and many of the garden games were on show including a coconut Shy and Large garden chest set amongst others. I would highly recommend that you click on the link to Gills website, I am sure that you will find it interesting and the prices are great too for various packages.

As a wedding photographer I am sure that having such things at your wedding would make for some fantastic candid photo opportunities and would be a  welcomed inclusion to your celebrations.

Gill’s Vintage Garden Games  is well situated to cover Sussex and Kent and my personal feeling is that there customer service would be excellent.

I wish Gill every success with her business.





Baby Portrait Sessions And Our Treasured Memories ***Part 1

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Baby Portrait Sessions Part 1

The benefit of Prints 

One of the sad things about our modern life is that so many of us have all of our memories in digital format these days , which although great and convenient it is sad that we no longer see our images around us in printed form unlike our parents. I am sure we all remember those framed images which were always on show or the holiday albums that would be brought out during family gatherings.

It is assumed that we will turn on our digital device and our images will be there in full HD or 4K as is becoming the norm these days. Whilst we should all be aware of the necessity of backing up our data, let’s be honest how many of us actually do ?  The very worst thing to happen would be to lose those treasured memories forever !

As a father,  I know only too well that our children do not stay babies for long and before you know it they are continuously changing and growing. It is for this reason that images of our babies should be highly valued and protected and this I believe is where the printed image is still the best way of preserving these memories. There is no doubt that even as adults we still get the pleasure of viewing and reminiscing over images from our childhood, in my case the 60’s So there you have it I have even given away my age too 🙂

Our portrait packages will all include one printed 10 x 8 image to start you off on the journey with the option to still view your images online and to purchase further prints from your session in various formats.

We invite you to click on this link or to navigate to our portrait information from the menu at the top of this page under the tab Enquiry.

I would like to follow this short blog up with further practical information in relation to your baby sessions in the near future, but in the meantime if you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email at Nigel@nlcphotography.co.uk or Via our Facebook Page 



So do I need a professional photographer

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Nigel Coomber,            Owner                             NLC PHOTOGRAPHY



So do I need a professional photographer?

Unless you are very lucky individuals, there are few things in life that happen which set us out on a fantastic journey. Fortunately, marriage is one of these and is something that a great deal of us are privileged to experience.
This time will be full of moments that deserve to be remembered and cherished. It is for this reason that I advise you need to really consider the true worth of your wedding photography.
Often you are happy to spend a great deal of your savings on fabulous venues, food, clothing etc which is of course fantastic. Unfortunately, when considering your wedding photography this is an area that for some reason couples may look for ways to save money. This is sometimes achieved by using a friend with a camera who volunteers to shoot your day for free or at little cost.
Hopefully your marriage is a one off ceremony which will NEVER be repeated! And It’s for this reason that we recommend seriously considering the potential implications of using a family friend or enthusiast to record the events of such an important day. There are well documented incidents on the internet where families and friends have sadly actually fallen out following a wedding as a result of this experience.
Wedding photography is a very challenging event to photograph and a great deal of experience and professionalism is needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In addition,  there is a lot of pre wedding activity undertaken by your photographer to help ensure that your images will be something that you can look back on with a smile on your face for years to come, remember future generations will also enjoy them too. Charges made by your photographer will often include as many meeting as required to discuss your thoughts and expectation, venue walk around and church rehearsals.
Your professional photographer will also be fully insured, something I guarantee that your family friend photographer will not have. Accidents can happen to the very best and well organised people, from a guest tripping over a misplaced gear bag and injuring themselves, to an unforeseen technical issue during the editing process.
In addition your pro photographer will use professional grade equipment and will have spent thousands of pounds to ensure that the risk of technical equipment errors will be kept to a minimum and will always have more than one camera etc all of the above should be considered when you looking at the cost that a professional will charges as opposed to a non-professional amateur. There are always valid reasons why premium rates are charged.
Following your wedding your photographer will then edit potentially hundreds of photographs over several days, using high end expensive computer software and equipment ensuring the end product is something that will be treasured. Again this a cost that is normally included and should also be taken into account when considering their charges.
Lastly, please again consider your event budget carefully and remember the value and worth of your photographs and the benefits of a professional experienced photographer over simply a friend or enthusiast with little or no experience of undertaking a wedding remember there are no second chances to get things right!
You will always find professional wedding photographers to be passionate about their profession and only ever want the very best for you both.
Best wishes







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