Vintage Garden Games

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Having been in the wedding photography business for a good few years now it was a strange experience to be on the other side of  wedding preparations.

Our youngest daughter Hannah & Matt have finally got engaged and the wedding is going to be around May time 2018. As a result we went along to a wedding Fayre at the South Of England show ground and met some interesting wedding suppliers. One stood out from the crowd and that was Gills Vintage Garden Games.

Gill came across as a very enthusiastic ambassador for her business and many of the garden games were on show including a coconut Shy and Large garden chest set amongst others. I would highly recommend that you click on the link to Gills website, I am sure that you will find it interesting and the prices are great too for various packages.

As a wedding photographer I am sure that having such things at your wedding would make for some fantastic candid photo opportunities and would be a  welcomed inclusion to your celebrations.

Gill’s Vintage Garden Games  is well situated to cover Sussex and Kent and my personal feeling is that there customer service would be excellent.

I wish Gill every success with her business.





Baby Portrait Sessions And Our Treasured Memories ***Part 1

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Baby Portrait Sessions Part 1

The benefit of Prints 

One of the sad things about our modern life is that so many of us have all of our memories in digital format these days , which although great and convenient it is sad that we no longer see our images around us in printed form unlike our parents. I am sure we all remember those framed images which were always on show or the holiday albums that would be brought out during family gatherings.

It is assumed that we will turn on our digital device and our images will be there in full HD or 4K as is becoming the norm these days. Whilst we should all be aware of the necessity of backing up our data, let’s be honest how many of us actually do ?  The very worst thing to happen would be to lose those treasured memories forever !

As a father,  I know only too well that our children do not stay babies for long and before you know it they are continuously changing and growing. It is for this reason that images of our babies should be highly valued and protected and this I believe is where the printed image is still the best way of preserving these memories. There is no doubt that even as adults we still get the pleasure of viewing and reminiscing over images from our childhood, in my case the 60’s So there you have it I have even given away my age too 🙂

Our portrait packages will all include one printed 10 x 8 image to start you off on the journey with the option to still view your images online and to purchase further prints from your session in various formats.

We invite you to click on this link or to navigate to our portrait information from the menu at the top of this page under the tab Enquiry.

I would like to follow this short blog up with further practical information in relation to your baby sessions in the near future, but in the meantime if you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or Via our Facebook Page 



So do I need a professional photographer

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Nigel Coomber,            Owner                             NLC PHOTOGRAPHY



So do I need a professional photographer?

Unless you are very lucky individuals, there are few things in life that happen which set us out on a fantastic journey. Fortunately, marriage is one of these and is something that a great deal of us are privileged to experience.
This time will be full of moments that deserve to be remembered and cherished. It is for this reason that I advise you need to really consider the true worth of your wedding photography.
Often you are happy to spend a great deal of your savings on fabulous venues, food, clothing etc which is of course fantastic. Unfortunately, when considering your wedding photography this is an area that for some reason couples may look for ways to save money. This is sometimes achieved by using a friend with a camera who volunteers to shoot your day for free or at little cost.
Hopefully your marriage is a one off ceremony which will NEVER be repeated! And It’s for this reason that we recommend seriously considering the potential implications of using a family friend or enthusiast to record the events of such an important day. There are well documented incidents on the internet where families and friends have sadly actually fallen out following a wedding as a result of this experience.
Wedding photography is a very challenging event to photograph and a great deal of experience and professionalism is needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In addition,  there is a lot of pre wedding activity undertaken by your photographer to help ensure that your images will be something that you can look back on with a smile on your face for years to come, remember future generations will also enjoy them too. Charges made by your photographer will often include as many meeting as required to discuss your thoughts and expectation, venue walk around and church rehearsals.
Your professional photographer will also be fully insured, something I guarantee that your family friend photographer will not have. Accidents can happen to the very best and well organised people, from a guest tripping over a misplaced gear bag and injuring themselves, to an unforeseen technical issue during the editing process.
In addition your pro photographer will use professional grade equipment and will have spent thousands of pounds to ensure that the risk of technical equipment errors will be kept to a minimum and will always have more than one camera etc all of the above should be considered when you looking at the cost that a professional will charges as opposed to a non-professional amateur. There are always valid reasons why premium rates are charged.
Following your wedding your photographer will then edit potentially hundreds of photographs over several days, using high end expensive computer software and equipment ensuring the end product is something that will be treasured. Again this a cost that is normally included and should also be taken into account when considering their charges.
Lastly, please again consider your event budget carefully and remember the value and worth of your photographs and the benefits of a professional experienced photographer over simply a friend or enthusiast with little or no experience of undertaking a wedding remember there are no second chances to get things right!
You will always find professional wedding photographers to be passionate about their profession and only ever want the very best for you both.
Best wishes


Bespoke Wedding Favours

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Following the recent wedding of Garry & Jamani Wright we would very much like to introduce to you and highly recommend the outstanding work undertaken by Bespoke Wedding Favours .  Having been so impressed with the of quality of the stationary etc we contacted Jan who runs Bespoke Wedding Favours  and thought it would be a great Idea for future clients to have some background information on this fantastic wedding service provider.

Jan at Bespoke Wedding Supplier originally questioned whether or not couples were really happy with the traditional wedding favours which all seem to be similar in so many ways,  Organza bags with either Almonds or simple foiled chocolates. The result was that Jan felt very strongly that they could offer something more personal and most of all truly bespoke, this included Favours made to match specific wedding colours and themes which would include those personal touches resulting in a unique product. Jan has also sourced suppliers that were also able to provide quality products such as fudge to die for :o).  They are also able to provide high quality empty boxes which their clients can fill themselves if they wish too,  although we would however suggest that you speak to Jan as we feel sure that they would be more than happy to try and source things for you,  taking away the stress and worry ;o).

In addition to the traditional style favours they are also able to provide bespoke wedding invitations designed and made also to an exceptional standard which we have personally witnessed at Garry & Jamani Wedding recently. A welcomed addition to their range of stationary are guest books, Childrens activity packs and mailboxes, all of which are truly stunning.

The founding principle of Bespoke Wedding Favours  is to provide their clients with quality products at reasonable prices and not least of all to be approachable, enabling open discussions on any specific ideas that you may have.

Another comment that we would like to make is that no quantity is too small,  so if you have a wedding party of 12 or 800 then look no further. NLC PHOTOGRAPHY truly believes that we have stumbled across a very special supplier of wedding favours / stationery, whose customer service is second to none.

Please ensure that you click on the links in this Blog and visit their Facebook page where you will find some truly fantastic reviews and a wealth of further information and contact detail.

We hope that you have found this article of interest and look forward to you revisiting soon.

Best wishes





Ambers Florist (Seaford) one our recommended wedding suppliers

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The Team



Nlc Photography are proud to have a professional relationship with the acclaimed Ambers florist and would like to offer our recommendation as a wedding supplier.

In fact we are so confident in their ability and resounding customer service,  that if you chose them as your wedding florist and also chose NLC PHOTOGRAPHY to undertake your wedding photography,  we are happy to pass on a 5% reduction in the cost of any of our wedding  packages, subject to T & C.

Situated in Seaford East Sussex Ambers Florist is a family run business that offer exceptional service from a highly skilled and professional team of florists.

Since the business was taken over in September 1997 Tracy & Michael have grown their business into a first class florist. Not wishing to sit on their laurels they have been determined to pass on their wealth of knowledge to a number of trainees over the years and currently have two girls who are managed and supervised by Keilly who manages the shop for Tracy on a daily basis. The dedication, pride and passion of the team  has led to a good number of awards over the years including a British Florist Award  in 2014




Young Charlotte is about to complete her training  and will soon be yet another qualified and highly motivated member of the team.


Trainee Charlotte


Lizzy,  who completed her first years training at Plumpton college is the newest member of the team and is really enjoying her second year studies at Ambers where we are sure she will succeed in her chosen career.


Trainee Lizzy


Ambers are able to cover your floristry requirement for most occasions in addition to weddings,  offering a delivery service to surrounding areas such as Eastbourne , Lewes, Heathfield and Battle, we would always recommend discussing your delivery requirements to ensure your chosen location is covered.


It is hoped that you have found this Blog post informative and that you will pay Ambers a visit,  as we are sure that you will not be disappointed. ;o)


Best wishes








The best time for photography is “The Golden Hour” 

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Everyone loves to take pictures, but did you know there are better times to take photographs than midday with the sun beating down and everyone squinting because its so bright.

As a wedding photographer this is one of the biggest challenges that we have to contend with, as most couples are married around midday and 2.30pm although our skill set will see us through this difficult period, if you are looking for that special family photograph? or indeed during the pre wedding or engagement shoots I will always where possible suggest either an early morning or late afternoon / evening shoot when the sun is approximately 6 degrees off of the horizon. During this period the light will definitely be at its warmest and indeed most flattering allowing us to record those dreamy shots that everyone loves. It can also produce some great shadows as the sun is much lower in the sky.

Not only will the sun not be making you squint, it will be much cooler, after all know one not even a mad Englishmen really enjoys standing in the midday sun especially waiting to have a photograph take.

So, the next time you want to take a family portrait why not try it for yourself.

NLC PHOTOGRAPHY will always do their very best to work with you and ensure that subject to natural weather condition, we are available to accommodate your photo session at the very best time to take advantage of the very best natural light conditions possible.

Also, lets not forget these time can also produce stunning sunrise images (if you’re willing to get up super early?) or indeed sunset images at a more civilized time for most. Please feel free to visit our non wedding online gallery where you will see some beautiful sunrise shots which may be purchased.

I hope you enjoyed this tip, and visit us again soon.

Best wishes



Enjoying the sunshine and dont forget your camera.

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Hi everyone,  just a quick catchup.

Well the weather is again stunning on the South Coast in the UK and although I really wanted to go Eastbourne and photography the air show today the traffic just looked too bad. Instead I decided to visit a National Trust site. Of course anyone who knows me,  knows that I never go anywhere pretty much without my trusty canon camera ;o)

This weather opens up many photographic opportunities so I would always advise you take a camera with you on your days out, even if it’s just you phone camera, which I have to say can take stunning quality images especially outside anyway.

Sometimes I can be out and not take a single image, but if you do not have your camera with you then you will never capture those moments… this case this bumble bee in the summer sun, just had to be done.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Nigel :o)))))


Bumble Bee




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Well what a year, the 13th August 2016 is a landmark day for NLC PHOTOGRAPHY after nearly eight years of being part time we now have jumped in with both feet and have decided as of today to go full time. Having been a part time professional wedding & portrait photography business for a number of years now and having always prided ourselves as being professional, providing all of our clients with a great experience which includes dedicating as much time as required to ensure that we were able to provide those cherished treasured memories that mean so much to you, our goal is to even improve on the services that we are already proud to be associated with.

So what will change ?

To be honest we sincerely hope that on the outside you will see little difference in the services that we are able to provide. NLC PHOTOGRAPHY has always offered a service that we feel has been comparable to any full time wedding photography business.

However, we want to now be in a position to be even more flexible.  So if it’s a mid week wedding or an afternoon photo shoot that you are requiring,  we will be on hand to try our very best to accommodate you. In addition and in order for you to share in our fantastic new adventure we will be looking at offering some cracking short term offers, so please watch this space and be be sure to follow NLC PHOTOGRAPHY on facebook.

Not only this, but our intention is to stay in touch with our customers through our blog, giving you all an insight into our work, useful general hints relating to weddings, things that we would like to share with you from the wealth of experience that we have had in the nearly eight years of wedding photography.

So please enjoy our blog and if you have any question that you would like to ask relating to weddings please do not be afraid to ask via our blog, Facebook, email or contact us through our website contact page.

As a footnote you all maybe interested to know that although wedding photography is truly a passion of ours, we also love to record those special moments that fly by so fast when your children are born, so please check out what we have to offer on our website.

Lastly, we would like to apologize for being away from the blog far too long :o)

Have a fantastic day and we look forward to you visiting us again very soon .


Best wishes






DVD or USB Presentation ?

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The New Year is definitely a time to bring in the change or is it?

For many years now the standard delivery concept for your wedding digital images has been DVD, but is its popularity starting to diminish ?

With the popularity of USB and the fact that more and more Computers, Laptops and of course Tablets are bought with no Cd/DVD drive. This could limit the accessibility to view your images.

What are your thoughts ? I am currently of two minds what to offer as standard  within my packages. Part of me really likes the DVD with a personalised cover and presentation box, but is it time to ring in the changes  ;o)

Of course currently I am happy to upgrade to USB but would value the thoughts of previous or future prospective clients.

Please feel free to leave a preference.

Many thanks in advance.




USB Presentaion






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In the coming weeks there is a very good chance that we are all, even in the South of the UK, going to wake up to the sight of a white covered land “SNOW”

As beautiful it is, many people make mistakes when photographing in snow, mistakes that can be easily corrected.

Before we get into the technical details of actually taking the pictures there are some other tips, some which you will already be aware of, but in the excitement of getting out there with your camera can be easily overlooked.

Be prepared:

Dress for the occasion.

Remember standing around you will get cold, so ensure you have warm footwear and something warm to keep the brain from freezing :o). For your hands I recommend some fingerless gloves which will allow you to keep your
hands warm and still be able to operate your camera. Always take your mobile phone with you just in case you slip and find yourself stranded, it could easily happen.


An important thing to be aware of is that your batteries DO NOT like the cold. You will find that a fully charged battery will not last as long in cold weather as it would do in the summer for example. Where possible always carry a spare and keep it warm in a pocket

Camera Care:

Remember all but the very top end cameras are not weather sealed so please check your instruction manual before venturing outside and respect your kit.

I would highly recommend that when you take your camera outside in the cold, you are fully aware of the dangers of condensation and the damage it could do to your expensive equipment. Firstly, I do not recommend taking the camera from a nice warm centrally heated environment to a sudden cold environment. Try to place the camera in a cooler part of the house first in order that its temperature is reduced slowly before entering the ice cold outdoors.
I also recommend that you take out with you a large zippy plastic bag or bin liner ! Why..
well its simple! The very worst thing that you can do, is bring a camera straight in from the cold into you nice warm house. This can so easily be overlooked especially if the toes are freezing and a nice cup of tea awaits. Trust me this is a must.
Before you enter the house pop your camera into the plastic bag (Not a snug fitting one ) zip it up or tie a knot in it. When inside leave it in a medium temperature room for about 30/60 minutes. This will allow it to reach room temperature more gradually before removing the camera to retrieve your images.

Technical tips:

As sophisticated our camera technology is, it can still be fooled by what it sees. There are a few things to consider.

As the camera will see a large white area there is a very good chance that the metering system will try to compensate for this and underexpose your image. Turning what should be white snow into grey! To improve this where possible, dependant on the camera, shoot in Manual mode. Also shooting in RAW will mean that you can possibly recover some exposure errors by using some editing software later. Try to set your metering system to spot metering rather that evaluating metering which is often the default setting.
Lastly, with your camera in manual mode, set your built in camera exposure meter to over expose by around +1 to +2 you should find that the snow becomes white again (magic), a few test shots should allow you choose the right setting for the environment that you are shooting in.

Try to avoid the temptation to shoot in Auto Mode

Start by setting your aperture to F16 for landscapes and your shutter to match. Your starting ISO at 100
On most DSLR cameras and now compact cameras you can also choose to shoot in Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. I am assuming at this point that your are aware of how to utilise these settings. They also have an exposure compensation facility which will allow you to manually overexpose by the + 1 to 2
Try to choose a scene with some points of interest, something to break up the image, but most of all have fun.







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