The best time for photography is “The Golden Hour” 

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Everyone loves to take pictures, but did you know there are better times to take photographs than midday with the sun beating down and everyone squinting because its so bright.

As a wedding photographer this is one of the biggest challenges that we have to contend with, as most couples are married around midday and 2.30pm although our skill set will see us through this difficult period, if you are looking for that special family photograph? or indeed during the pre wedding or engagement shoots I will always where possible suggest either an early morning or late afternoon / evening shoot when the sun is approximately 6 degrees off of the horizon. During this period the light will definitely be at its warmest and indeed most flattering allowing us to record those dreamy shots that everyone loves. It can also produce some great shadows as the sun is much lower in the sky.

Not only will the sun not be making you squint, it will be much cooler, after all know one not even a mad Englishmen really enjoys standing in the midday sun especially waiting to have a photograph take.

So, the next time you want to take a family portrait why not try it for yourself.

NLC PHOTOGRAPHY will always do their very best to work with you and ensure that subject to natural weather condition, we are available to accommodate your photo session at the very best time to take advantage of the very best natural light conditions possible.

Also, lets not forget these time can also produce stunning sunrise images (if you’re willing to get up super early?) or indeed sunset images at a more civilized time for most. Please feel free to visit our non wedding online gallery where you will see some beautiful sunrise shots which may be purchased.

I hope you enjoyed this tip, and visit us again soon.

Best wishes





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