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Good morning all

As I said yesterday my intention was to get up early and get out to take a few pictures of the sunrise this morning. As a result I was out the door by 4am much the disgust of the Mrs who it appears I disturbed :o)

Well sometimes the sunrises are not as good as you had hoped and unfortunately this was one of those such times. In fact if I am honest, somewhat disappointing.;o) Never the less I did manage to capture a couple of images that I was  pleased with and you are able to see these above. All of which may be purchased purchased through my site for those that are interested.

On the way back to the car my eye had been distracted by a ladybird bathing in the early morning sunshine and looking at the thistle feasting on aphids and could not resist a couple of pictures to add to my collect.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a fantastic weekend.





Sunrise at Hindover near Seaford

Ladybird bathing in early sun

Ladybird bathing in early sun







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