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For those of you that are interested I thought that I would walk you through a typical wedding from initial contact from the prospective clients through to the first dance which is the point at which we normally pack up our gear and head for home and the many hours spent editing and preparing your photographs.

Initial contact is normally via our website NLC PHOTOGRAPHY , Our response will be initially to answer any specific questions such as availability and to suggest an informal meeting or telephone contact.

We always appreciate the contact and understand that this an exciting time for both the future bride and groom and are happy to provide more detailed information also regarding package pricing etc. It is very important from the very start that both the client and ourselves feel comfortable with each other, after all it is often a long road from the initial contact to  the big event and our aim will always be where possible to build a friendship which we have found from experience often last way past the wedding. In fact many of our couples have become very good friends ;o)

During the initial meeting we will discuss the needs, expectation and venue choice along with the offer of a complimentary pre wedding shoot which we feel again is a very important process to build on the business relationship. Its a great ice breaker and something that gives the couple a taste of whats to come. The most important thing that we tell all of our clients is that the more at ease they are with us on the day the more natural the images will be.

Subject to being accepted as the designated photographer we will continue to make contact in the months ahead following the pre wedding shoot. This will allow the couple to prepare a shot list of must have photos and also to get an understanding from us of the timing implications surrounding the day, as an average around 4 minutes per group shot will give them some idea of the time that they will need to allow, additional time if they wish to go off somewhere to have those personal one on one pictures. This will allow them to discuss this with the wedding venue coordinator.

It is always a very good idea to arrange to visit the venue with us even if it is one of the many venues that we have photographed at before, nothing will be too much trouble and we always welcome this opportunity . The same goes for the wedding venue ie Church, the rehearsal for example, is not only an important time for you guys its an extremely important chance for us to get see where we can and can’t stand and a chance to meet the vicar etc. Believe me in our experience this can vary church to church.

A day or two before the wedding will be spent  checking and double checking our equipment ensuring all of our cameras are prepared to go, memory cards are formatted and all batteries charged and ready to go. As a professional it is important that nothing is left to chance after all you are trusting us with what hopefully be one if not the most important day of your lives.

The wedding day itself having arrived will be a long and tiring day which has been known to start at the brides house at 7.30 AM and finish at 11.30 Pm then home to upload the photos and a good couple of hours in front of the MAC before crashing

We will arrive to take photographs of your hair and makeup being applied to you and your bridesmaids and this is often a great time to catch those fun moments when champaign begins to flow. Throughout the morning we will take photos of your dress etc.  However , we much prefer to photograph the accessories such as rings, shoes etc well before the wedding day itself.

Depending on the location of the groom we will try to go to the grooms house to take some picture of him and the groomsmen getting ready,  failing that we will always ensure that we get the normal pictures pre ceremony.

Pictures are taken of the bride and father with the wedding car where required before we set off to the church or registry office to catch the brides arrival and to get the pictures of your guests arriving .

Pictures will be taken of the ceremony and afterwards the group photos and general guests. Normally we will then take the couple away from the crowd to take some intimate loving pictures of the Bride and Groom enjoying their first few minutes as man and wife…

We will then photograph the wedding breakfast and speeches, a part of the day we really enjoy as every wedding sees a different story told.

This is normally followed by the cutting of the cake another important must have image ;o)

Following the wedding breakfast there is normally a lull in the proceedings and another chance to whisk the couple away and to take those candid shots.

The evenings events soon comes around and more pictures will be taken of the guests arriving for the evening leading to the first dance….by now its normally around 8.30 pm  and the legs are starting to get tired ;o) At this point we normally pack up our gear say our goodbyes and head for home.

In the days that follow a great deal of our time, many hours are spent editing your photographs and uploading them to our website  and producing your DVD depending on your chosen package.

We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and will work with you 100% to ensure your satisfaction .

I hope that you have enjoyed this small glimpse into the world of a wedding photographer and appreciate that there is more to it than just pushing a button :o)

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