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I guess looking back in my life photography has always be a passion for me. In the early days at school making my first pin hole camera, was probably the kick start to it all. My father now in his 90’s used to like his gadgets too and always seemed to have the latest camera. Back in the early 70’s Dixons used to offer a part exchange system on cameras, which meant Dad always had the latest model and when old enough to do so I certainly carried on the trend. Minolta, Yashica, Canon and Olympus being some of the brands that I have owned.

It was whilst on holiday in America that I  finally got the digital bug, buying my first model for what seemed to be a fortune back then and the quality,  well it was pretty poor to say the least.  Still I got the bug.

No longer was I tied to a print shop or having to send off my slide films to Kodak it was all so much easier. Having now purchased several different digital Camera I finally brought my first real Canon DSLR the EOS 300D  It was from that point on I was a true Canon man to the core. In the coming years I have worked my way through many of the models culminating in being the owner of one of the very first Canon 1 Dx DSLR cameras which was to be and still is the Canon DSLR Flagship Camera. Although sadly there is now a Mk2 (Something for the must have list)


After years of taking photographs many of my family and friends used to say that my images were so good why don’t I look to earn money from my photography ? At first way in I thing 2007 I was not sure and lacked self confidence in my abilities. To be honest many photographers will never feel that there images are good enough. I guess I fell into that category! Still I made the plunge. Oh and I still think that too !

I decided that if I was going to do this I would do it properly,  ensuring that I had insurance,  a business bank account and a dedicated accountant.

Initially my business was carried out along side my full time job as a Customer  Service Manager for a large Motor trader,  Caffyns in the South East.  Having dealt with the public it had been a great advantage when undertaking my additional chosen profession. I new from the start that Wedding Photography was going to be my area and that even as a part time photographer I was determined to offer the very same level of customer service to my clients as a full time photographer did.

In 2016 I left the security of my job with Caffyns and at the age of 55 went full time as a photographer. The first year has be tough due to a medical condition,  but that is now finally improving and I am looking forward now to the future.

In addition to Weddings I have started  doing Head Shots and I am hoping to expand on this to incorporate the many young actors in the area. I have also found a passion for photographing children too and although it can be quite stressful, it is also very rewarding.

In the last couple of months I have also produced a Pet photography business with its own dedicated website  NLCPHOTOGRAPHY FAMILYPETS.COM Please feel free to click the website link and have a look.

So although in this day and age every one who owns a camera thinks they can be a professional,  I am still enjoying the challenges that are thrown at me in this highly competitive market and look forward with a new found sense of optimism.

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