An insight into Pete & Katie’s Wedding Day 20th May 2017 Pre Ceremony

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The Morning Of The Wedding

An early start on the 20th May for the wedding of Pete Black and Katie Gardener.

It was local for us so on this occasion so not a lot of traveling which is always a plus ;o).

Upon arrival at Katie’s parents Georgie & Peters house,  the house was starting to buzz with the excitement of the day.  Katie was remarkably chilled and didn’t appear on the face of it to be phased by things, but I am sure underneath that cool exterior lay the normal wedding nerves that we all have.

First to arrive was the hairdresser she was extremely good and made all the girls feel at ease. Each of the bridesmaids started in turn to have their hair done and soon the arrival of the makeup girls took the whole day to another level ! things were starting to get real now and the time began to fly by, what seemed like an age before the wedding to the girls began to whiz by and those nerves that had been so well hidden had began to surface 🙂

Having taken photos of the bridal preparation,  it was time to see the dress and boy what a dress ! complete with a hooped under dress it was stunning and there was no doubt that Katie was going to look a million Dollars. My process with wedding accessories is to usually where possible obtain these pre wedding in order to be a bit creative and different with the ring shots etc and also remove some of the pressure on the day of the wedding itself.

On this occasion Katie & Pete were to be married at the Grange in Lewes and in order to be a little different I had decided to take the ring shot in the grounds utilising two statues that are a main feature in the beautiful gardens.


My idea being that Katie and Pete would have a lasting memory and association with where they actually got married.

One accessory I hadn’t yet photographed was the flowers.

What can I say again they were stunning, I had never seen artificial flowers that looked so realistic. I could do with a garden full of them ;o)


My wife Sue helped on this occasion to dress the bride tastefully behind closed doors :). Sue is great,  often her skills as a Mum (albeit a while ago with little ones ) does come in handy and I genuinely think she actually enjoys it 🙂

Once dressed,  it was soon time for Katies Dad Peter to see Katie in all her splendor for the first time,  which is always a great moment.

Soon after this, Sue and I completed our home photos and were looking to make  our way to the Lewes Register Office at the Grange, which has by the way only very recently have been renovated. Such a great location now !

It was Katie’s request that I didn’t take pictures of her and dad etc getting into the car at the house,  so we left them and headed to the Grange leaving them to wait for Royalton Cars to arrive . Their vehicles are truly fantastic and come highly recommended by NLC PHOTOGRAPHY , having worked with them now on several occasions.

The owner of the business Nigel is a top fella too and offers outstanding customer service. Definitely worth a look if your are looking to arrive in classic original style.

I hope that you have enjoyed this albeit small insight into our world of wedding photography, a world that we are so passionate about.

It just leaves us to say congratulations to both Pete & Katie,  not forgetting the ever so cute son that is Dexter, who’s cheesy smile will light a room.


Have a long and happy rewarding marriage.


Best wishes

Nigel & Sue







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